Sunday, February 9, 2020

Reaction paper about Blackfish documentary Essay

Reaction paper about Blackfish documentary - Essay Example As such, the theory postulates that crime and deviance occur because of the lack of adequate constraints. The lack of clear laws that govern the handling and use of wild animals is a fundamental factor that could have led to the criminal behavior of the management of SeaWorld. Orcas are dangerous animals belonging to the oceanic dolphin family. While dolphins are always friendly to humans, the animals are temperamental and their behaviors are always unpredictable. Killer whale is among the largest of the family. They have teeth and are always aggressive especially when agitated. Additionally, the animals are large and travel for up to 160 kilometers in a day. The animals therefore require adequate space and depth to move and live freely. The management of SeaWorld has made a number of decisions some of which may have led to the death of the three individuals killed by the killer whales. The need for increased profitability compelled the management to overlook the safety of the employees and freedom of the animals. Additionally, the pressure to deliver is a fundamental determinant that could have compelled the trainer, Dawn Brancheau, to stress the animal thereby causing his death. Ever since the release of the Blackfish film, SeaWorld has promised to make a number of changes. On 13 May 2014, The Dodo ran a story that explained the spotting of a 103-year-old whale moving around the West Coast of Canada with her children and grandchildren. The spotting of the whale would cause problems for SeaWorld. The company had claimed that the life span of orca to be around 20 years. SeaWorld made such claims to justify the fact that most of their orcas die before reaching the age of 20 owing to the deplorable treatment and the environment in captivity. The company has since promised to increase the capacity of its tanks in order to provide the animals with more space Despite the changes, the company promises

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